What I Used to help Conquer the Winter Blues

I just looked back I saw that it had been over two years since I have posted! My last post was about change, about taking a risk and going for it. Well I went for it! Now, I am back. In those two years, I became engaged, started my own company, planned and pulled off a fabulous... Continue Reading →


Appreciate the Journey

Life is crazy - and don't we all know it! We run around pursuing our goals, reaching for our dreams. We strive to be successful and happy. But sometimes we forget to take the time to appreciate all the joys along the way. Life is not just about reaching our destination, it is also about the journey.... Continue Reading →

I Went For It!

Ever been faced with the choice to continue on a same comfortable path, or jump ship and start off into the unknown? I have, just recently, in fact. Sometimes in life send you off suddenly in a new direction. Wait, check that: sometimes life offers you a choice. One that if you take it, your life... Continue Reading →

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Destination: Unknown

Lately I have been doing a lot of self-reflecting. And one of the biggest walls I keep hitting can be summarized by any one of these questions: What is my long-term goal? What is my life's "Destination"? Or as we have heard since we were kids, "What do you want to be when you grow... Continue Reading →

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Excuses vs. Progress

I have an announcement to make: I got a personal trainer! Yep! That is right! I had long decided that I wanted to get my body back into optimum health. But there were always excuses. Not enough time, not enough money for training, I'm too tired, or there is too much on my plate. Well,... Continue Reading →

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