Life is a Series of Constant Restarts


Every time your computer starts to run slow, act a little funny, randomly crash, what do you do? You restart it. You check to see if there are any programs or operating systems that need an update, then you restart. Once the updates are complete, they ask you to restart you computer for the changes to take place. We are constantly restarting our computers.

Yet when it comes to our lives, people forget to restart. When your energy starts to run low, when you start acting moody, or randomly crash, what do you do? Keep going. Sometimes, your personal system just needs to restart.  Mentally, physically, emotionally, even spiritually; but it can be a lot harder than pushing a button.

The first step is recognition. Over time, I have recognized that my biggest cue that I need a reset is that my positive outlook, my happiness, my mojo (if you will) all start to drop. As my metal energy drops, so does my physical energy. Just this week I finally recognized the need to hit my own reset button.

What did that mean for me? I always start with increasing my physical activities. So, I signed up for a free month of Grokker.  Starting Monday, I have been doing a yoga video every morning and a HIIT workout each evening. 20-30 minutes a piece. This simple thing triggers a chain reaction of life changes for me. When I am more active, my energy increases, I find it easier to fall asleep and I sleep deeper at night because I have spent the physical energy during the day and stretched my muscles. Also, the increase in exertion triggers a desire to eat better, a craving for better nutrition.

This is the start of my updating process. More to come…

What are YOUR cues that it is time to restart? And what is the first step you take to get back on track?


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