What I Used to help Conquer the Winter Blues

I just looked back I saw that it had been over two years since I have posted! My last post was about change, about taking a risk and going for it. Well I went for it! Now, I am back.

In those two years, I became engaged, started my own company, planned and pulled off a fabulous DIY wedding (with a lot of help) and, most importantly, married the man I love. Over the next few months, I will relate some of the tricks and tips I have learned along the way about all that and much more. But let’s stick to the topic.


With all the amazing things going on in my life, by December of 2016. My winter gloom had set it. I won’t say I get “seasonal depression” because I refuse to call myself depressed. However, I really do get the winter blues! I have learned I am one of those animals (like cats and lizards and turtles) that likes to sit in the sunlight and soak in the energy of the rays!


But alas, is was a dark and gloomy winter and I quickly found myself growing more negative and unfulfilled with each passing day. I needed some assistance to keep my mind positive and productive. I started listening to a few podcasts, trying to re-inspire myself. And then one day, Tim Ferriss mentioned “The 5 Minute Journal” on one of his podcasts.

I had heard of this method before. Taking a few minutes every morning and every night to make reflect and be thankful. I had tried it before, but it didn’t stick. So, at the start of the new year I bough this book and started a self made 30 day challenge to write in it every single morning and every single evening.

This is harder than it seems. It meant no matter the hour, the mood, the company, the night, no matter how early I had to wake up, how late I was or how much I had to do, I had find two minutes to make my entry. What was nice was that the book I had bought, took the guess work out of it (Eliminating excuses). It had everything neatly organized with lines for every answer. I added a little pen holder. (Again, eliminating excuses.)


At the beginning, I was a bit annoyed. For example, it says “list 3 AMAZING things that happened to you THAT DAY” Really?!? In the dead of winter, with the after holiday bank accounts feeling like empty pockets, and belly bloated with festive foods. I wasn’t thinking much about my life was that amazing.

What the inside of the book looks like.


But that was just the point, right? Even the little things can be amazing. It started with me searching… “Well, my morning cup of coffee was amazing, the fact I took 15 minutes for lunch was amazing…” etc. But slowly it progressed to really reflecting on the amazing things of life each day. Sometimes they are little, and sometimes they are large. They could be as simple as getting a smile from your neighbor or grand like getting a bonus from your boss. After a little while doing it, I found myself reflecting throughout the day about all the things that were amazing, and finding it hard to choose my top three!

For anyone struggling to keep positive this winter, or anytime, I strongly suggest investing the twenty-something dollars and getting this book. It helps to get you out of the gloomy rut and focus your energy and thoughts on progress, positivity and productivity.

Good Luck!



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