I Went For It!

Ever been faced with the choice to continue on a same comfortable path, or jump ship and start off into the unknown? I have, just recently, in fact.

Chance + Choice = Change

Sometimes in life send you off suddenly in a new direction. Wait, check that: sometimes life offers you a choice. One that if you take it, your life will be changed forever, and if you pass it by, then you will never know what might have been.

I had to make that choice this year: I had the option to stick to the life I had become comfortable with, the life I KNEW or take a chance on something that would change my life forever.

See, I had a steady job with a few supplemental side businesses, a solid group of friends I loved and trusted, sports leagues I had played on for years, and classes I took to keep my mind and focus sharp. I knew where my grocery stores where, where to buy my favorite items for less, and specialty items when I wanted to splurge. I had coffee shops and sushi spots and restaurants that knew me by name and treated me like family. And dozens and dozens of new hots spots to check out at each chance I had. I had settled into my season opera tickets and looked forward to summers on the beach with friends. I had a neighborhood I lived in for ten years and loved. And I gave it all up.

My reason? The adventure, the potential for increased happiness, the possibilities that I saw were amazing. I knew I had stumbled into something that had infinite potential. The chance to start anew with a man for whom I had fallen and had fallen for me. Someone who lived on the other side of the country, yet somehow we had connected. At the time, the biggest thing keeping me from taking that chance was the fear of failing. The fear that it might not work out. That I might not like it there. The questions like: What if I don’t make friends? Or I feel out of place? What if I don’t find work? Or don’t succeed? What if the relationship falls apart.  All of those ‘might not’s and ‘what if’s kept building and overwhelming me until one day my Dad surprised me by saying: So what?!? What’s the big deal? What if all that doesn’t work out? Then what? – Then you move back a year later with lessons learned, knowledge gained and the ability to say, “I saw an amazing opportunity – and I went for it!”

So… I did!


Have you had a similar experience, a choice to make a massive change in your life? What helped you?


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