Homemade Pizza: Quick and Simple

Making pizza is fun, but it can also be a process. When faced with a pile of ingredients and the daunting task of making dough, how often do you find yourself picking up the phone for delivery? Not anymore!


Friday night a group of “Dabblers” got together to learn how we could make pizza’s from scratch that would beat the delivery man in speed and flavor! We gathered up our ingredients and sat down around the table at Enerspace Chicago with a couple bottles of wine and a whole lot of flour! Utilizing the recipe found at A Busy Nest, we made a variety of pizzas, gaining insight into how to cut corners and cut time.


Following the quick and easy 5 minute pizza dough recipe and a variation of the no knead bread recipe (which I’ll go into on the next post,) we were able to crank out 12 pizzas in two hours, only stopping because we were too full. Here are a few highlights:


5 Minute Pizza Dough
makes two small pizzas 
A Busy Nest

1 tablespoon instant yeast (or one packet)
1 cup very warm water
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
2 1/2 cups flour
Because a number of people ask: I use SAF instant yeast, all purpose, unbleached flour and extra virgin olive oil. (You can have fun substituting different flavored olive oils or herbs to the dough.) I get a lot of my tools, supplies and base ingredients at Breadtopia.com – Love that store!
If you have one, place your pizza stone in the oven and begin pre-heating it to 425 degrees.
1) In bowl, mix your yeast, sugar and water. (If you are unsure about the freshness of your yeast, wait about 5 minutes for your yeast to proof, if it gets a foamy or frothy layer then you know that your yeast is still good.)
2) Add in the olive oil, salt, and flour. Mix with a wooden spoon or Danish whisk until shaggy then pour onto a lightly floured surface.
3) Knead until your dough starts forming into a ball, you will notice the surface gets smooth.
4) Tuck the edges under to form a ball and pinch them together. Place seam side down back in your bowl and coat with a light layer of olive oil.
5) Let stand for 5 minutes or more.
Meanwhile, gather your sauce, cheese and toppings. Here is a list of some of the topping we had in our class to give you some ideas:
Sauce Options:
“Bianco”  (just a little oil of your preference)
Fresh Mozzarella
Shredded Mozzarella/4 cheese blend
Baby Bella Mushrooms  – sautéed with smashed and diced garlic in olive oil.
Spinach – sautéed with the left over garlic/oil from the mushrooms.
Artichoke hearts – sautéed until golden brown
Roma Tomatoes – sliced in rounds
Roasted Red Peppers – roasted, peeled and torn into strips
Torn Basil
Greek Olives
Fresh Corn – roasted until lightly blackened
When your dough is ready, cut in in half. Take one half in your hands and, squeezing gently, begin to rotate and form into a mand sized disk. Place the disk on a lightly floured surface and begin pressing gently in an out ward direction. once it has doubled in size pick the dough up and toss it back and forth between your hands, rotating stretching the dough. Careful not to make any holes. When the crust is about a half inch thick (a little thicker around the crust) place it on a well floured cutting board or pizza peel. SHAKE. Be sure that if your shake the board your dough is loose enough to move back and forth. It is important to make sure that it does this the rest of the time until it goes in the oven. Use a small drizzle of olive oil and rub it in. Then spread on the sauce of your choice. SHAKE. Layer ingredients, cheese and maybe more ingredients – in order of your preference. SHAKE. If your pizza is still able to wiggle on your board, then head over to your fully heated oven put it in line up your back edge with the back of your pizza stone, then tipping the board and shaking gently, slowly shimmy your pizza off the board onto the pizza stone.
After about 12 minutes, your pizza should be golden brown and beautiful! Enjoy with friends or gobble down all on your own!There are so many options when it comes to making pizza! Please tell me what your favorite topping combinations are in the comments section below!

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  1. Brava, Monica and kudos to all of your pizza Dabblers. I am jealous that I couldn’t attend but don’t count me out yet because that pizza looks so good we need another Pizza Dabble! Share the dough and spread the chewy, cheesy goodness.

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