Destination: Unknown


Lately I have been doing a lot of self-reflecting. And one of the biggest walls I keep hitting can be summarized by any one of these questions: What is my long-term goal? What is my life’s “Destination”? Or as we have heard since we were kids, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

No matter how you word it, it unnerves me that I still have no clue what to respond. I often find myself frustrated that I don’t have a concrete answer to this question.

However, I do know pieces of what I want: To be happy; filled with over whelming joy and gratitude for the life I live. To live in the present, with no worries about the past or future. Financial stability. A garden. To create; to see ideas become realities. To feel a sense of accomplishment every day. To always continue to learn. To explore and enjoy the thrill and beauty of this life we are so blessed to be living; every struggle, every achievement. To be a mother; to bring life into this world and share the journey and adventure as a mentor and a partner as my parents have done for me.

When it comes to my career, I have no idea… I want to help people find solutions. I want to team up to help make dreams and visions come true. I want to inspire courage, passion and confidence in others. I want to support small businesses so that they can become profitable and create opportunities for new possibilities and growth. But where does that lead me?

Recently I watched a great TEDx talk by Sean Aiken called “What Makes You Come Alive.” It was about his journey trying to find the right ‘job’ for him. He tried 52 jobs in one year, one job per week. Time and time again found people who were really passionate about what they did, even when he could not share that passion for it. One quote from Howard Thurman really stuck with me:


Maybe I don’t need to have a clear and definite goal, a labeled job title that I am aiming for. Maybe I need to trust and enjoy every step of life for what it is; an adventure. I need to continue to find and explore the things that make me come alive, and not worry about the ‘end goal’, not worry if my destination isn’t a clearly mapped point on a chart, or even a readily blazed trail. Maybe it is time to trust – trust that all things that I am doing now are exactly the things I need to be doing.



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