Chocolate Chip Orange Scones

Fluffy, light, delicate AND easy to make? These are a sure-fire way to get bonus points for breakfast or at teatime! Yes, this scone recipe makes wonderful, delicate scones - EVERY TIME! And it only takes a half hour to make - a perfect amount of time to make sure your oven is warm. These scones are great to... Continue Reading →

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Crunchy Almond Biscotti

Looking for that sweet little something to go with morning coffee or to satisfy a sweet tooth after a meal? Keep a batch of these superb little biscotti around! Ever since I was young, I loved dipping these in coffee, hot chocolate or milk, or, for a special treat, having these cantucci with Vin Santo like we did in... Continue Reading →

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I Went For It!

Ever been faced with the choice to continue on a same comfortable path, or jump ship and start off into the unknown? I have, just recently, in fact. Sometimes in life send you off suddenly in a new direction. Wait, check that: sometimes life offers you a choice. One that if you take it, your life... Continue Reading →

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Destination: Unknown

Lately I have been doing a lot of self-reflecting. And one of the biggest walls I keep hitting can be summarized by any one of these questions: What is my long-term goal? What is my life's "Destination"? Or as we have heard since we were kids, "What do you want to be when you grow... Continue Reading →

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Life is a Series of Constant Restarts

Every time your computer starts to run slow, act a little funny, randomly crash, what do you do? You restart it. You check to see if there are any programs or operating systems that need an update, then you restart. Once the updates are complete, they ask you to restart you computer for the changes... Continue Reading →

Appreciate the Journey

Life is crazy - and don't we all know it! We run around pursuing our goals, reaching for our dreams. We strive to be successful and happy. But sometimes we forget to take the time to appreciate all the joys along the way. Life is not just about reaching our destination, it is also about the journey.... Continue Reading →

Homemade Pizza: Quick and Simple

Making pizza is fun, but it can also be a process. When faced with a pile of ingredients and the daunting task of making dough, how often do you find yourself picking up the phone for delivery? Not anymore! Friday night a group of "Dabblers" got together to learn how we could make pizza's from... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Everyday Bread

There is nothing like a perfect loaf of bread to add to a meal. A loaf that not only needs no kneading and only the bare minimum of ingredients, but also comes out perfect every single time. I have made this loaf hundreds of times. Plain, greek olive and rosemary (my favorite), cheddar and jalapeno, cranberry... Continue Reading →

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